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AMD N80C188

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Unknown card with AMD cpu from XT computer.


Card should be from unknown model XT computer. It have standard DB15 vga connector and male serial under it. Zilog Z85C3008VSC chip is serial controller. Looking for any info. Not even sure that its graphics card - could be only monitor output card with graphics chip located on motherboard. Card is traded with V@len. He claims that it worked, but in mine testing PC isn't booting (maybe bios were located on motherboard or bad jumper settings, don't know). Could be made 9/1987 according to printed date at serial connector.

Vlask's card:

Atlantis X-MEM-01-D
Atlantis X-MEM-01-D
Atlantis X-MEM-01-D
Atlantis X-MEM-01-D
Atlantis X-MEM-01-D
Atlantis X-MEM-01-D

Additional Info

  • Made by: AMD
  • Codename: N80C188
  • Bus: ISA 8bit
  • Memory Type: DRAM
  • Card Type: VGA
  • Manufacturer: AMD
  • Owned by: Vlask
  • Outputs: 15 pin D‐sub
  • Core Clock (MHz): 10
  • Sold by: AMD
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-2 # Hercules Video CardChris 2017-05-13 15:20

It looks like a typical monochrome Hercules standard video card. Such a card had special Hercules video connector for monochrome monitor and LPT (parallel) connector for the printer.
+2 # Vintage Hardware CollectorDerek Simmons 2017-02-27 07:34
Forget what you have been told and the types of connectors on the card and focus on the two main chips. The AMD 80C188 is a CMOS version of the 80188 microcontroller and the Zilog 8530 SCC is a Serial Communication Controller. This is some kind of high speed, intelligent, serial controller. Early PCs with 8088/8086 and 9-286 and even 386 and 486 machines needed cards like this to keep up with high speed communications because they couldn't process data and keep up with communications. The would off load communications to the serial card.
-1 # RE: AMD N80C188Teodor 2015-08-19 19:53
If this VGA connector, the pins 6...10 must be connected to ground. It's easy to check with a multimeter. Resistance between pins 1...3 and the ground should be the same. Card is too old so I think that it is not DDC protocol implemented :). So the contacts 11,12 and 15 should not be connected.
I saw 15-pin D-SUB connector (but male) on the controller of handheld scanner and standard 15-pin D-SUB female connector on the encryption controller (used for communication with a random number generator). But some pins holes were closed with caps, so it was impossible to connect standard cable.

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