SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.)

SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.) (22)

Founded in 1987. Focused on chipsets and lowcost graphics. 1st card - 86C12?
Graphic division spins off and in June 2003 is founded XGI. XGI then buys graphic part of Trident. In 10/2010 buys SiS whole XGI back.
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Based on Volari Z9.

Mobile version of Volari 8300.

2D only chipset for Server, Thin Client, and other embedded markets.

Dual GPU graphics card.

Mainstream DX9 game card.

Budget competitor of GeForce MX4000.

1st AGP 8X card.

Lowend Xabre with lower clocks.

Lowcost Xabre limited to 64MB and AGP 4X.

Added DX7 and DDR memory support.

Mainstrean model with added DX7 support and 128bit memory bus.

Lowcost card limited to 32MB on 64-bit memory bus.

New 128-bit engine and AGP 4x support.

Most sold 6326 version.

Added MacroVision support.

Lowcost 3D card.

Lowcost Windows multimedia accelerator with EDO support.

Lowcost GUI accelerator.

Lowcost GUI accelerator later renamed in drivers to 6201.

Hercules/Color Graphics Adapter compatible card.

Late Hercules card.

Hercules card.