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What the... where the hell i'm...what is this...i need mine drivers...

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Welcome to mine personal graphic cards online museum. These pages reflects mine personal collection of graphic cards. I've started collecting em some years ago, because i like collecting old junk Tongue out, i'm probably geek and internet is filled with CPU webs, but its hard find any about graphic cards. So i decided to make one. I started on Phprs engine and been using it few years, but with increasing numbers of cards, i needed better system with better searching features. Well this one isn't i hoped for, but its still better than old pages.

So here you can find tons of photos of old cards and some basic info about them. I'm trying also get bios from working cards. But keep in mind, that i'm using dumpbios NSSI dos utility, so better don't try to flash em to your card - seems to me like a fastest way to hell for your card. Bioses are there only for educational purposes - i'm often checking them for bios compiling date and card name. Also i'm doing some basic benchmarks, so if you wanna know which card would be best for your nostalgic old DOS gaming PC, head there.

On this site you'll find also collection of Palcal and Zaatharen - they are also card collectors from Czech Republic same as me. Newest collector on site is Pirx from Germany.

If you wanna help, i'd always like to have more informations about cards. Under each article is comment option. Feel free to use them, if you know any missing information, you found nice article about card or you think that i have any info wrong (memory size is often hard to guess for me).

For drivers go to or

PS: as you already must noticed, i'm not from native english country, so sorry for mine english.
PPS: Guestbook aka Spambook has been deleted (spammers seems to liked it too much).


nVIDIA GeForce GTS 250

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Core: G92GTS 702MHz 256bit  Shader: 1512MHz
Memory: 1GB GDDR3 2000MHz 256bit
Year: 2008 Bus: PCI-E 16x 2.0 Made: 55nm
Unified Shaders: 128 (v 4.0) DirectX: 10
Memory bandwith: 64 GB/s Transistors: 754 million
Pixel write speed: 11232 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 44928 MTexel/s


S3 Virge/VX

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Core: 86c988 50MHz 64bit
Memory: 2MB EDO 50MHz 64bit
Year: 1996 Bus: PCI


Chips&Technologies P82C435

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Core: F82C435 25MHz ?bit
Memory: 64kB DRAM ?MHz ?bit
Year: 1985  Bus: ISA 8bit


ATI Radeon 8500

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Core: R200 275MHz
Memory: 64MB DDR 550MHz 128bit
Year: 2001 Bus: AGP 4x
Made: TSMC 150nm Taiwan
Links: Press Xbit Wikipedia Price: $399

NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G

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Core: G86 400MHz Shaders: 8 at 800MHz
Memory: 128MB DDR2 800MHz 64bit
Year: 2007 Bus: integrated (PCI-E x16)
Made: TSMC 80nm Taiwan
Links: NBCheck Wikipedia
Note: from Fujitsu Amilo PA2548

Intel G31

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Intel G31
Graphic Core: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 3100 400MHz
Memory: 384MB DDR2 800 128bit
Year: 2007 CPU Socket: 775
Made: Intel
Links: Intel Pdf
Note: from ASRock G31M-GS

Intel 945G

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Intel 945G
Graphic Core: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950 400MHz 256bit
Memory: 224MB DDR2 667 128bit
Year: 2005 CPU Socket: 775
Made: Intel
Links: Intel Pdf
Note: from MSI 945GM3

Intel 945GC

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Intel 945GC
Graphic Core: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950 400MHz 256bit
Memory: 224MB DDR2 667 128bit
Year: 2005 CPU Socket: 775
Made: Intel
Links: Intel Pdf
Note: from Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2

Intel G41

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Intel G41
Graphic Core: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) X4500 400MHz
Memory: 352MB DDR2 800 / DDR3 1066 128bit
Year: 2008 CPU Socket: 775
Made: Intel
Links: Intel Pdf Intel
Note: from ASRock G41M-VS

ATi Radeon X1900 GT

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Core: R580 513MHz 256bit
Memory: 256MB GDDR3 1314MHz 256bit
Year: 2006 Bus: PCI-E 16x Made: 90nm Transistors: 384 milion
Pixel pipelines: 12 TMU per pipeline: 1
Vertex shaders: 8 (v 3.0) Pixel Shaders: 36 (v 3.0) DirectX: 9.0c
Memory bandwith: 42 GB/s Pixel write speed: 6200 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 6200 MTexel/s

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