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Saturday, 04 November 2017 11:24

Matrox QID LP PCIe

Multimonitor card, supports 4 analog displays. QID stands for Quad Information Display.

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Sunday, 20 August 2017 17:42


Enhanced PCX1 with added bilinear filtering.

Saturday, 17 October 2015 09:35

Bilinear filtering

Bilinear filtering is a texture filtering method used to smooth textures when displayed larger or smaller than they actually are.

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Monday, 23 March 2015 22:33

Matrox Parhelia 128MB

Hi-end Matrox card with 512-bit GPU, triple-head (VGA only) support. Exists also in 256MB version. Supports 10-bit per color channel.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 16:29

Exchange list

This is full list of mine items available for trade. Except graphic card's i don't test functionality, so i can't guarantie that they working. But most old cpu's are taken from working old computers. Never cpus are all dead (mostly burned), if i know status of cpu - then its stated.

I'm interested in any missing card on mine full cards list (you can use also collection's search to see cards i have). I prefer working ones over damaged cards and integrated chips. If you have card, that is not stated on list as working, id like to have it too. I'll trade also cards that i already have in working state, but only if they're special - by special i mean any card with rare chips, buses, prototypes, additional chips and modules, profesional versions and multimonitor multichip solutions. But if you have to buy anywhere any card for trade with me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1st. Because mostly at any time i have about 50 cards, that are not listed on this page, waiting for testing... So you can be dissapointed by mine answer then and end with useless card. Btw i live in Czech Republic, so trading almost worthless common cards like ISA Tridents, Cirrus, PCI S3 over half world won't be good idea, because of postage costs. And of course any cards as gifts are welcome (will post your nick at card and can post there also link to your pages if you want).



N80L286-16/S - 3x
386/DX-40 - 3x
486DX4-100 - 2x
586-P75, X5-133ADW
586-P90, SSA/5-90ABQ
Duron 650
Duron 700 - working, AKCA
2xDuron 750 (AKCA)
3xDuron 800 (AMCA)
Duron 950
Athlon 950 AQGA - ok
2xDuron 1000 (AHHAA, AHLCA)
Athlon 1000 ASHHA
Duron 1200
Duron 1300
Duron 1400 MIXHB
Duron 1600 MIXIB - ok
Duron 1800 MCXJB
Athlon XP1600+ Palomino - nontested
2xAthlon XP1700+ Thoroughbred, DUT3C - green - ko, JIUHB - nontested
3xAthlon XP1800+ Thoroughbred, DUT3C, JIUHB, JIUCB
Athlon XP1800+ AGOIA
3xAthlon XP2000+ Palomino, DMT3C - burned L2 cache, working with L2 disabled, 2xok
Athlon XP2000+ - Thoroughbred, DUT3C - state unknown maybe working
2xAthlon XP2200+ - VPMW - ko, DUV3C - probably working
Athlon XP2400+ AIXHB
Athlon XP2400+ AIX1B
Athlon XP2400+ DKV3C - probably working
Sempron 2200+ s462 - DUT3D - ok
Sempron 2400+ s4762 BCXJB
Sempron 2500+ s462 BIXJB
2xAthlon XP2600+ s462 AQYHA, ADYHA
Sempron 2500+ s754 LBBWE
Sempron 2600+ s754 LBBWE
Sempron 2800+ s754
Sempron 3000+ s754 CBBHD - ok
Turion ML-37 s754 TMDML37BKX5LD 2GHz - probably ok
Mobile Sempron 3100+ s754 SMS3100BQX3LF
2xAthlon 3000+ s939 LBBWE, CBBID - probably ok
Athlon 3500+ s939 ADA3500DAA4BW
Athlon 3700+ s939 KAB2E
Turion 64 MK-36 TMDMK36HAX4CM soc. S1G1
Turion 64 X2 RM-70 TMRM70DAM22GG soc. S1G2
Athlon 64 X2 QL-60 1.9GHz AMQL60DAM22GG soc S1G2
Turion II M500 2,2GHz TMM500DB022GQ S1G3
Sempron 3400+ 1.8GHz NBBVF AM2 - ok
Sempron 64 LE-1200 2.1GHz SDH1200IAA4DE AM2 - probably ok
Athlon 64 2650e 1.6GHz NAAFG AM2 - ok
Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2,2GHz LEDBF AM2 - probably ok
Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2,7GHz ADO5200IAA5DO AM2 - probably ok
Athlon 64 X2 5600+ NAA9G AM2 - dead, detached heatspreader (but its included)

486SX25 mobile
486DX2 66 - 2x
Pentium 75 - 2x
Pentium 100 - 3x
2xPentium 133
Pentium 166 - 2x
Pentium 166MMX ceramic
Pentium 166MMX - 2x
Pentium Pro 200MHz SL22V 256Kb - some pins bend, few seems to be burned
Pentium 200MMX - 2x
Celeron 266 - slot1 - 2x
Pentium II 233/512 - slot1 - 2x
Pentium II 266/512 - slot1 - 3x
Pentium II 300/512 - slot1
Pentium II 350/512 - slot1
Pentium II 400/512/100 - slot1
Pentium III 450/512/100, slot1 - 2x
Celeron 366 PPGA - 2x
Celeron 433 PPGA - 3x
Celeron 466 PPGA
Celeron 500 PPGA SL3FY
Celeron 533 PPGA
Celeron 600 FCPGA SL46U
Celeron 633/128/66 FCPGA - ok
Celeron 800/128/100 FCPGA - ok
Celeron Mobile 850/128 SL585
Celeron 900/128/100 FCPGA SL5LX
2xCeleron 1GHz/256/100 SL5ZF Tualatin
Pentium III 500/512/100 2V - Slot
Pentium III 550E/256/100 1.65V - Slot
2xPentium III 733/256/133 FCPGA - ok
Pentium III 800/256/133 FCPGA SL4MB
Pentium III 933/256/133/1.7V Slot1
Celeron M 350 1,3GHz/1M/400 SL7RA, mobile
Pentium 4 1,4/256/400 s423 - probably working
Pentium 4 1,4Ghz/256/400 SL59U
Pentium M 1,4GHz/1M SL6F5 integrated - no pins
2xPentium 4 1,5GHz/256/400, s478 SL5TJ - ok, SL59V - ok
Celeron M520 1,6GHz/1M/533 SL9WT s478 mobile
Pentium M 725 1,6GHz/2M SL7EG mobile
Atom 230 1,6GHz/512/533 SLB6Z BGA
Atom N455 1,66GHz/512 SLBX9 BGA
3xCeleron 1,7GHz/128/400, s478, one burned, 2 working - SL68C
Celeron 1,7GHz/128/400, s478, SL69Z
Celeron M 530 1,73GHz/1M/533 SLA2G
Pentium M 735 1,7GHz/400 SL7EP
Celeron 1,8GHz/128/400, s478, SL6A2 nontested
2xPentium 4 1,7GHz/256/400, s478, SL6BD - ok, SL5TK
Pentium 4 1,8GHz/256/400, s478, SL5VJ
Celeron 2GHz/128/400, s478 SL6RV
Pentium 4 2GHz/512/400, s478 SL66R
Celeron D 2.26GHz/256/533 s478 SL87K
Celeron 2,4GHz/256/533, s478, SL7JV - ok
2xCeleron D 320 2,4GHz/256/533 s478, SL7C4, SL87J ok
Pentium 4 2,4GHz/512/533, s478, SL6RZ - ok
Pentium 4 2,4GHz/1M/533, s478, SL7E8 - ok
Celeron Mobile 2,4GHz/400/256 PPGA478
Celeron D 326 2.53GHz/256/533 SL7TU LGA775
Celeron D 2,66GHz/256/533, s478, SL7NV - ok
Celeron 420 1,6GHz/512/800 LGA775 SL9XP
Celeron D 2,66GHz/256/533 LGA775 SL7TM
Celeron D 2,8GHz/256/533 s478 - ok
Celeron D 2,93GHz/256/533 s478 SL7TS - ok
Celeron D 341 2.93GHz/256/533 SL98X LGA775
Celeron D 3,06GHz/256/533 SL7TQ LGA775
Celeron D 336 2.8GHz/256/533 SL98W LGA775 - ok
2xCeleron D 346 3.06GHz/256/533 SL8HD, SL3HD, LGA775 - ok
Pentium 4 521 LGA775 - ok
Pentium 4 2,8GHz/1M/800 SL7PR, LGA775 - ok
Pentium 4 524 3,06GHz/1M/533 SL9CA LGA775 - ok
Pentium 4 630 3GHz/2M/800 SL8Q7
Pentium 4 640 3,2GHz/2M/800 SL7Z8 LGA775
Pentium D 830 3GHz/2M/800 SL885 LGA775
Core 2 Duo T5250 1,5GHz/2M/667 SLA9S PPGA478 mobile
Core 2 Duo T7100 1,8GHz/2M/800 SLA4A PPGA478 mobile
Core 2 Duo T5870 2GHz/2M/800 SLAZR MPGA478MR mobile
Core 2 Duo 8700 2,53GHz/3M/1066 SLGFE PGA478 mobile
Celeron E3300 2.5GHz/1M/800 SLGU4 LGA775
Celeron E1200 1.6GHz/512/800 SLAQW LGA775 - ok
Pentium E2180 2GHz/1M/800 SLA8Y LGA775 - probably ok
Pentium E5500 2,8GHz/2M/800 SLGTJ LGA775 - probably ok
Pentium E5700 3GHz/2M/800 SLGTH LGA775 - ok
Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz/2M/1066 SL9T9 LGA775 - ok
Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz/4M/1333 SLA9X LGA775
Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz/4M/1333 SLA9V LGA775 - burned some pins - bad contact with mb, could be ko
Xeon 5140 2,33GHz/4M/1333 SL9RW LGA771 - ok
Core i3-2310M 2,1GHz/3M SR84R rPGA-989 - probably ok
Core i7-920 2,66GHz/8M SLBCH LGA1366 - ok

Texas Instruments 486DLC
IDT Winchip C6-200 reserved
IBM 6x86MX PR266
HP PA-8600 (PCX-W+) + ram+cooler+socket terminator
Sony Cell/B.E. CXD298IAGB from 1st gen Playstation 3

Graphic Cards

3Dfx Voodoo 1 4MB PCI - ColorMAX VP-503 - ok
3Dfx Voodoo Rush 6MB PCI - Biostar Venus 3D - ok
3Dfx Voodoo 2 12MB PCI + cable - A-trend ATC-2455 - ok
3Dfx Voodoo 3 2000 16MB AGP2x - STB - ok

3Dlabs Permedia 1 ?MB PCI Expertcolor - ko - someone exchanged BIOS chip and replaced it with S3 bios file, don't have proper bios and memory chip
3DLabs Oxygen GVX1 32MB SGR AGP2x - visual shadow strips in image, but card is stable

Acumos AVGA1 256kB ISA16bit - ok

Ahead V5000 ?kB ISA - ko - no image

Alliance aT3D 4MB PCI - ko - no image (Supergrace)

2xARK Logic ARK2000PV 1MB PCI - ok

Ati Mach64VT (215VT22200) 1MB PCI - ok
Ati Mach64VT2 (215VT2NA42) 2MB PCI - ok
Ati 3D Rage II 2MB PCI - ok
Ati 3D Rage PRO PCI 4MB SGR PCI - ok
2xAti 3D Rage IIC AGP - 4MB SGR 66MHz - ok, 4MB SDR 75/100MHz - ok
Ati Rage Pro Turbo AGP 4MB SGR, 49,882MHz Compaq ok, but without backplate
Ati Rage Pro Turbo AGP 8MB SDR, 75/100MHz - ok
Ati Rage 128VR 8MB SDR AGP2x, 80/63MHz - ok, but without backplate
Ati Rage 128 Pro GL 32MB SDR 64bit AGP 4x 119/119MHz - ok
Ati Rage 128 Pro 32MB SDR 128bit AGP 4x 120/120MHz - ok foto1, foto2
Ati Rage 128 Pro GL 32MB SDR 128bit AGP 4x 120/120MHz with Svideo+Cinch TV out - ok
Ati Rage 128 Pro GL 32MB SDR 128bit AGP 4x 120/120MHz A5PF - ok
Ati Rage 128 Pro GL 32MB SDR AGP 4x, 125/125MHz A5PT ver1.0 - ok, but little picture shaking
Ati Rage 128 Pro 32MB SDR AGP 4x 119/119MHz ATI OEM Xpert2000Pro - ok
Ati Rage XL 8MB SDR AGP2x L version (detected as Xpert 98 RXL AGP 2x) - ok
Ati Rage 128 Pro Ultra GL 16MB SDR 64bit AGP 4x - ok
Ati Rage 128 Pro Ultra 32MB SDR AGP 4x 130/130MHz Sapphire - ok
Ati All-In-Wonder 128 Pro 32MB SDR AGP 4x 118/140MHz with VIVO cables - ok
Ati Radeon 7000 32MB SDR 64bit AGP 4x 155/155MHz Fujitsu - ok
Ati Radeon 7000 32MB DDR 32bit AGP 4x 144/288MHz Connect3D - ok
Ati Radeon 7000 64MB DDR 64bit AGP 4x 133/266MHz Sapphire - ok
Ati Radeon 9200SE 64MB DDR 64bit AGP 200/400MHz Gigabyte GV-R92S64T - ok
Ati Radeon 9200 128MB DDR 64bit AGP 250/330MHz Gigabyte GV-R92128TE - ok
2xAti Radeon 9250 128MB DDR 64bit AGP 8x 239/400MHz Gigabyte GV-R925128T - ok, Asus A9250/TD/128M/A - ok
Ati Radeon 9250 128MB DDR 128bit AGP 8x 239/400MHz Gigabyte GV-R925128D - ok
Ati Radeon 9550 128MB DDR 128bit AGP 8x 250/358MHz Palit AA-95500-TD11-AGP11C - ok
Ati Radeon 9600 128MB DDR 128bit AGP 8x 324/392MHz Sapphire - ok
Ati Radeon 9600 XT 256MB DDR 128bit AGP 8x 405/460MHz Jetway - ok
Ati Radeon X1300Pro 256MB DDR2 PCI-E Dell - ok

Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428 1MB VLB - Machspeed VGA GUI 2100 - ok
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446 2MB PCI - ok
Cornerstone ImageAccel 2 - KO, damaged one pin at Ramdac

Chips&Technologies P82C435 256kB EGA ISA8bit - probably damaged - image is quadrupled
Chips&Technologies F82C451C 256kB ISA Jovian Logic - missing some graphical resolutions - probably text optimized bios

IBM EGA - 64kB ISA 8bit - minor graphic bugs - probably damaged one memory module

3xMatrox Millennium - IS-STORM R2, 50,113Mhz, 2MB, PCI Compaq - ok, Matrox 2MB - ok, Matrox 4MB - ok
Matrox Millennium - 2064W-R3, 50,113Mhz, 2MB, PCI - ok
Matrox Milennium 2 4MB WRAM AGP1x, 66MHz - ok
Matrox Milennium 2 8MB WRAM PCI, 62MHz - ok
Matrox G200A - 8MB SDR AGP2x OEM - ok, but without backplate
Matrox G200A - 8MB SDR AGP2x with memory upgrade slot - ok
Matrox G450LX 32MB DDR 124/249MHz Dualhead (MDHA32DLXB) - ok
Matrox G450 32MB DDR 108/324MHz Dualhead (G45FMDHA32DB) - ok
Matrox Millennium P650 64MB DDR 230/460MHz (P65-MDDA8X64) - ok

Nec SV9000 512kB ISA - ok (renamed Trident 9000)

nVidia Riva 128 4MB AGP - STB Velocity 128 - ok
2xnVidia Riva TNT 16MB AGP2x 90/110MHz - Creative CT6710 - ok, Diamond Viper V550 rev.A - ok
nVidia Riva Vanta LT 8MB AGP2x 80/100MHz - Compaq - ok
2xnVidia Riva TNT2 Pro 32MB HIS AGP4x - ok, Manli 32MB 143/150MHz AGP - ok
nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 16MB AGP 125/143MHz Leadtek lowprofile - ok
8xnVidia Riva TNT2 M64 32MB AGP - 120/125Mhz - CM64A, 125/125MHz - Creative CT6980  - light image shaking / Sparkle SP5300 / Inno3D Tornado, 135/135MHz - Manli, 125/143MHz - Pine PV-T02A-BR, 125/150MHz - MSI MS-8808 - ko cooler, 125/143MHz 32MB Asus AGP-V3800M/32M - ok 
nVidia GeForce2 MX200 32MB 175/140Mhz GX-G2MX - dead cooler
nVidia GeForce2 MX400 32MB Hercules 200/200MHz - dead cooler
3xnVidia GeForce2 MX400 64MB Abit Siluro blue PCB 200/167Mhz - ok, InsideTNC 64MB 200/166Mhz - ok - noisy cooler, unknown 200/166MHz - ok
nVidia GeForce2 Ti VX 64MB Inno3D 225/400MHz - ok
nVidia GeForce3 Ti 200 Inno3D 64MB - ok (dead cooler)
2xnVidia GeForce4 MX440SE 64MB 250/333Mhz 64bit Pine PV-T17L-QTFB - ok, unknown 64MB 250/333MHz 64bit - noisy cooler
nVidia GeForce4 MX440 64MB 270/405MHz 64bit AGP 4x - ok
3xnVidia GeForce4 MX440-8x 64MB 64bit AGP8x Sparkle - ok, unknown 250/378MHz 64bit - ok , Jetway NV18AT064BY 275/266MHz - dead cooler
2xnVidia GeForce4 MX440-8X 64MB 128bit AGP8x - ok, Prolink 250/331MHz - ok
2xnVidia GeForce FX5200 - 128MB64bit 225/331MHz AGP8x passive cooling - ok, Gainward 250/280Mhz 128MB 64bit - ok
nVidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB DDR2 128bit 540/800MHz MSI MS-V088 - ok

3xOak OTI077 512kB ISA - ok

Realtek RTG3102 256kB ISA EGA/VGA - ok
Realtek RTG31030 256kB - ok, connector bit rusty

S3 86C805-P 1MB VLB - Miro Crystal 10SD - ok
S3 Vision 968 2MB PCI No9 Motion FX771 - ok
S3 Trio32 (86C732-P) 1MB PCI - OEM - ok
S3 Trio64 (86C764X) 2MB PCI - OEM - ok
2xS3 Trio64UV+ (86C767) 1MB PCI - OEM, Flagpoint - ok
2xS3 Trio64V2/DX (86C775) 1MB PCI - SST-2065/75, Elsa Winner 1000/T2D - ok
2xS3 Virge (86C325) 2MB PCI - Expertcolor, OEM - ok
4xS3 Virge/DX (86C375) 4MB PCI - Eagles, Surf, OEM, SP-325A - ok
2xS3 Virge/GX2 (86C357 4MB AGP1x - ok
S3 Trio3D (86C365) 4MB SGR, AGP, 100,226MHz, ST300A - ok, but without backplate
S3 Savage3D (86C391) 8MB SDR 100MHz - ok
4xS3 Savage4 Pro 8MB SDR 125MHz - Diamond Stealth III S520 rev.A 3x110MHz, 1x100MHz - ok
S3 Savage4 Pro 32MB SDR 110/115MHz - Creative CT6900 - ok
S3 Savage 2000 core 125,28MHz, memory 133,63MHz - ok - front, back

Sigma Designs Realmagic 64/GX 1MB, PCI - ok
SiS 6215 1MB PCI - ok - photo
SiS 305 32MB AGP 4x 125/125MHz - VGA305EF - some replaced parts, bit rusty VGA output, but ok 

STMicro Kyro II 32MB AGP 2x 175/175MHz - Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 - ok (replaced original cooler, bended passive part, dying cooler)
STMicro Kyro II 64MB AGP 2x 175/175MHz - Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 - missing original cooler, only passive now, blinking image artefacts

Tamarack TD3088A2 64kB ISA 8bit hercules - ok

Trident TVGA 8800CS 256kB ISA EGA/VGA - ok
Trident TVGA 8800CS 512kB ISA EGA/VGA - ok
Trident TVGA 8900C 512kB ISA - ok, Toshiba marking
Trident TVGA 8900CL ?kB ISA - ko - broken image
2xTrident TVGA 9000C 512kb ISA - ok
2xTrident TVGA 9000i 512kb ISA - ok
Trident TVGA9000i-1 512kB ISA - ok, missing backplate
3xTrident TGUI9680-1 1MB PC - ok, Union - ok
Trident Blade 3D 8MB AGP2x - ok, probably HIS

2xUMC 85C408AF 512kb ISA - ok

PC Chips G3101 256kB ISA 8bit EGA - Auto mode HEGA - ok
Paradise PEGA2A 256kB ISA 8bit EGA - VIP HEGA-IIIB - ok
WDC WD90C11-LR 256kB ISA - ko - no image
2xWDC WD90C30-LR 512kB ISA - ok
WDC WD90C31A-LR 512kB ISA - ok

Winbond W86855AF 64kb ISA 8bit - Hercules with Bios chip, bit rusty but ok

Sound Cards

Creative Soundblaster 2.0 CT1350B ISA  reserved
Creative Soundblaster 16 CT2230 ISA
Creative Soundblaster Vibra 16S CT2800 ISA
Creative Soundblaster 16 CT2910 ISA
Creative Soundblaster 16 CT2911 ISA
Creative Soundblaster 16 PnP CT2980 ISA
Creative Soundblaster 32 PnP CT3600 ISA
Creative Soundblaster 32 PnP CT3620 ISA
Creative Soundblaster 32 PnP CT3670 ISA
Creative Soundblaster AWE32 CT3910 ISA
Creative Soundblaster CT4170 ISA
Creative Soundblaster Vibra 16C CT4180 ISA
Creative Soundblaster AWE32 Value CT4330 ISA
Soundblaster SF16-FMI-03 ISA (Vibra 16C)
Soundblaster SF16-FM1 ISA (Vibra 16C)
Soundblaster Vibra 16S
Audigy 2 SB0240 PCI (with gameport+firewire)
Terratec Promedia - AD1816AJS ISA

Chips only - not working

3Dfx Voodoo 1 SST1 - cores, ramdac, memory
ARK Logic ARK1000VL - core, bios, 2x memory
2xATI Mach 64VT2 - core+bios+2x memory, core+memory
ATI Mach 64GX - core, bios, 2x memory
2xCirrus Logic CL-GD6410 - core+3x memory, core+2xmemory
Chips F65530 - core, 4x memory
Intel HM55 Express chipset SLGZS
Matrox Millennium 2 - 2164WP-C - core, bios, 2x memory
Matrox Millennium - 2064W-R2 - core, bios, 2x memory
Neomagic MagicGraph 128XD - core
nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 - core, bios, 2x memory
nVidia GeForce 2MX 400 - core, 2x memory
nVidia GeForce FX5200 - 2x core, 2xmemory
S3 Savage 3D 86C390 - core, 2x memory
SiS 6326AGP - core, bios, 2x memory
STMicro Kyro II - core, bios, 4x memory
Trident TVGA9000 i - 3, 1994 - core, bios, 2x memory
Trident TVGA9000 i - 2, 1994 - core, bios, 2x memory
Trident Cyber 9320 - 216T, 1994 - core, 2x memory
Tseng Labs ET4000/W32 - core, ramdac, 2x memory
Tseng Labs ET4000/W32i - core, ramdac, 2x memory

Misc items

Biostar MB-1212/16H motherboard with 286 at 16MHz and 1MB of ram. Bad barel battery, needs to be replaced. Video from bios here.
Aopen AX3S Pro (motherboard s370)+Celeron 1GHz+512MB SDR
Asus P4P800-E (motherboard s478) + P4 2,4Ghz, cooler, 2x256MB DDR
HP board EM 081505 used in workstation XW4300 S775 + P4 630 without cooler 
LSI Logic IDE raid controler PCI - 4xIDE channel = max 8HDD supported, series 511 rev c2
Eizo 4051WL-ED - MDA monitor

List of most wanted cards i'm missing in mine collection

3Dfx Velocity 200/Voodoo 3 1000, Voodoo 4, any profi version from Quantum3D
3Dlabs GLINT (Creative 3D Blaster VLB), any card with GLINT300SX, all profi cards with various GLINT chips i don't own.
Chromatic Mpact!
Intel - Real3D Starfighter PCI, i752, i754
Number Nine - Imagine 128 II, Revolution 3D WRAM version
PowerVR Midas 3, PCX1, VideoLogic Neon 250
Rendition Verite 1000
S3 Chrome - any model (except Deltachrome S8), Savage XP
SiS - 300, Xabre 80, 600 
Trident 3DImage 9850, Blade T16, T64, Blade XP - any model
XGI - any Volari except V8, Z7
Various profi 3D cards from Intergraph, Evans&Sutherland, 3Dlabs, Accel, Dynamic Pictures, IBM GXT series, HP Visualize, Nec TExx series, Sun and SGI cards.
Any mobile chip on standard PC card bus (Rage/Radeon Mobility / Mobile GeForce / S3.... on PCI, AGP, PCI-Ex16 card).

Published in Trade
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 15:59

History tree

This is one of my latest projects. Its still not final, but you'll find there almost all graphic chips makers. Others will be added later. If you know about any card missing in one of the trees, let me know in comments. But link there some prove of existence too, because i found many cards written on wikipedia with no sign of their existence (probably never released - many of them made by Cirrus). If you really want to have here new branch with you favourite maker, then you can send too whole tree info, and i will add it faster (looking for apple chips info - some apple genius fan outthere?, will add apple only if someone send me list of names + date+mem size).

Whole image is too big, but smaller fonts will be not readable. So sorry to people with really small monitors. You have to scroll more. You can download image in full resolution (10k pixels wide) and colors in download part of article or view it here. Webgallery version now opens smaller version. I will try to keep also some kind of version info about updates.

If you have really big wall, you can print it also on Plotter - many companies do this for anyone. Usual limit on most machines is 160cm height. I got recently one print too and put it on wall in company i work for (worked for, unemployed right now). Dimensions are 152x328cm without some more blank space around. It looks great.

Recently thanks to Stiletto i got many more documentation about various graphic chips, including unreleased ones. Since i don't have any of those prototypes (and don't think it change - im not so rich to buy any), i put info about these cards in download section of this article.

History tree small version
History tree small version
History tree small version

06-16-2018: Added ASPEED AST1300. Updated Acumos with AVC1, Paradise - Verticom HX16 / 256, S3 - SuperSavage IXc / MX / SuperSavage/IXc-166, Sun - XVR-1000 / XVR-4000, Trident  - Blade T16, VideoLogic - Midas 1 & 2.
07-16-2017: Added cards from year 2013. Updated Realtek with RTG3100 and NVIDIA with many OEM cards. Removed Twinhead (1984) 8190G10 and added UMC UA89C000 instead.
05-14-2016: Added Apple tree. Updated Realtek with RTG3105i.
01-30-2016: Created new tree for Signetics and updated it with 2636 PVI, 2637 UVI, SCN2674 AVDC. Updated AMD with Am8052/8152A and Intergraph with Edge 2+.
08-08-2015: Added Neomagic. Updated Texas Instruments with TMS9918, TMS9918A, TMS9928A, TMS9929A, TMS9118, TMS9128, TMS9129. Updated Yamaha with V9938 and V9958.
07-03-2015: Decreased memory size of GeForce FX 5800 to 128MB, added Creative Graphics Blaster Picture Perfect, Wildcat Realizm 100/200/500 (thx goes to obobskivich). Added VIA/S3 CLE266, few small fixes at SiS cards.
02-24-2015: Added DEC (Digital) and Synertek tree. Added NEC µPD72120, NVIDIA GeForce 7500LE, Matrox TITAN/DUBIC (Impression), Oak OTI-64017, Realtek RTG3108, S3 Savage4 LT & GT, SiS 6225, UMC UM6845 & UM6845E, Paradise PVC4A & PVC4 & PVGA1B, Signetics SCC63484 ACRTC, Infotronic IGP-64, Media Vision MVV452, Barco AURA. Removed GTK VGA1 (Renamed Acumos AVGA1). Many small fixes at dates and memory sizes.
04-05-2014: Few fixes at Intel chipsets.
04-05-2014: Added many S3 and SiS chipsets. Updated one card companies - Everex ICC00203, Infotronic IMSGP2000, InteGraphics Systems IGA 1680_A
02-27-2014: Added AMD(ATi) 2012 cards. Updated memory sizes at S3 Trio32 and Vision cards (thx goes to Stiletto for uploading datasheets)
02-25-2014: Added mobile Nvidia 2012 cards.
02-23-2014: Added UMC UM487 and some Nvidia 2012 cards. Rest and ATi ones will come later.
09-10-2013: Added Nvidia FX 5100
08-01-2013: Updated Chips and Technologies with 65548, in early Matrox models card names replaced by chip names, updated memory sizes at many chips
12-31-2012: Added IXMICRO
12-30-2012: Added less known companies (bottom left corner), updated SGI with Reality and added some memory sizes
12-25-2012: Added Sun
11-20-2012: Updated ATi with ES1000 and added some HP nonPC cards
11-18-2012: Added HP, Winbond and updated Chips and Technologies with 69030
11-11-2012: Added Acer and Compaq
10-30-2012: Updated IBM tree with GXT graphics (non PC) for RS/6000 computers
10-01-2012: Added Silicon Motion
09-18-2012: Added IIT, Ahead Systems and updated Hitachi with HD6345/6445
08-28-2012: Added NCR and Emulex. Updated Nec - D65040 and SiS - 86C16
08-26-2012: Updated Nec tree - professional cards
08-25-2012: Added Evans & Sutherland
08-23-2012: Added Motorola and OPTi
08-21-2012: Added SGI
08-20-2012: Added AMD and Nec
08-16-2012: Added Cornerstone Imaging
08-15-2012: Added Intergraph. Webgallery now opens smaller image with lesser quality and size. For full sized image click on link in article.
08-14-2012: Added paperlaunch companies BitBoys, Gigapixel and Real3D (cause everybody wants them there despite they never sold single card), splitted Chromatic Mpact into 2 models, merged Glint R3 and Permedia 3 into one, added Matrox M-series
08-09-2012: Added UMC and Paradise Systems
08-07-2012: Added AccelGraphics and Dynamic Pictures
08-06-2012: Added ARTIST Graphics, updated SiS/XGI with Volari Z7, Z9 and Z11 - need more info about Z9 and Z11
08-04-2012: Added Hitachi, Sigma Designs, Hualon HM6311 and Yamaha V6355D
08-02-2012: Added Gemini and Hualon
07-31-2012: Added Macronix, Texas Instruments and futher decreased size of smaller version (50% decrease of resolution)
07-29-2012: Added G-2, Video-7, Headland Technology and Genoa
07-28-2012: Added Weitek and smaller size version (about half) with less colors.
07-23-2012: Added Tamarack
07-22-2012: Added Yamaha
07-19-2012: Updated Intel tree with 82720, 82730, 82786, 82716, i960. Thx goes to Intel Museum. Added Avance Logic
07-17-2012: Added 3Dlabs, Tseng ET2500, Videologic Midas 3
07-15-2012: Added Chips and Technologies, Chromatic Research
07-14-2012: Added Intel chips, Nvidia NV2
07-12-2012: First public version

Friday, 20 February 2015 09:31

List of Vlask's cards

This is full list of mine chips and cards (with links available at collection's search->select Vlask). If you have any card not listed here and wanna trade/give it, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'll take also all cards not listed here as working (you can also use for this collection's search and select "Vlask(chip/not working). Dont care about working state at mobile chips, need only these used on cards with standart buses (PCI/AGP/PCIE), that can be tested in PC.

CW - fungující karta (working card), C? - možná funkční (maybe working), CN - nefunkční (not working), Z - zombie card (repaired), M - mising monitor or jumper settings


Voodoo1 - 4xCW
Voodoo Rush - 2xCW
Voodoo 2 - 4xCW
Banshee - 2xCW
Velocity 100 - CW
Voodoo 3 2000 - 2xCW
Voodoo 3 3000 - 2xCW
Voodoo 3 3500TVFM - CW
Voodoo 5500 - CW


Realizm 1.3 (MSMT261) - CW
DEC PowerStorm 4D50T (MSMT406) - CW
Realizm II 1.3+ (MSMT408) - CW
Intense 3D Pro 2200 (MSMT440) - CW
Intense 3D Pro 3410 (MSMT496) - CN
Permedia - CW
Permedia 2 - Phillipines - 4xCW
Permedia 2V - CW
Oxygen GMX - CW
Oxygen GVX1 - CW
Glint R3 (Oxygen VX1) - CW
Wildcat 4000 (MSMT556) + Lynx 5 - CW
Wildcat 4105 (MSMT613) - CW
Wildcat 4110 VIO (MSMT664) - CW
Wildcat 4210 (MSMT527) - CW
Wildcat II 5000 - CW
Wildcat VP560 - CW
Wildcat VP990 Pro - CW


M3125 - CW


V5000 - CW

Alliance Semiconductor

ProMotion 6422 - CW
ProMotion aT24 - CW
ProMotion aT25 - 2xCW
ProMotion aT3D - CW


Powermac AV card 820-0510-A
PowerMac HPV card 820-0509-A - CW
PowerMac HPV card 820-0522-A - CW
Apple Display Card 8•24 820-0600-A
Apple High Resolution Display Video Card 820-0185-08
Axxyss 24bit Navajo

ARK Logic

ARK1000PV - Korea - CW
ARK2000PV - Korea - CW
ARK2000MT - CW


CW16800-B (Graphics Solution Plus) - CW
16899-0 (EGA Wonder 480) - CN
18700 - Japan
Small Graphics Solution ver.1 - 18700 - CW
EGA Wonder 800+, 18800-1 - Japan - CW
18800-1 (VGA88, Edge-16) - Japan - 2xCW
VGA Charger 28800-5 - Japan - CW
Graphics Ultra 28800-6 - Japan - CW
Mach 32 - 2xCW (ISA, VLB)
Mach 64GX-210888GX00 - Malta - CW
Mach 64CT - Taiwan/Japan - 4xCW
Mach 64VT - Japan - CW
Mach 64VT2 - Malta/Korea/Japan - 2xCW
Mach 64VT4 - CW
3D Rage PRO PCI - Taiwan - CW
3D Rage PRO AGP 2X - 2xCW
3D Rage II - Malta - CW
3D Rage II + DVD - 2xCW
Rage IIC PCI - 2xCW
Rage IIC AGP - Taiwan - 3xCW (EDO/SDR/SGR)
Rage LT Pro AGP - CW
3D Rage II-200 - Malta
Rage XL - 4xCW
Rage Pro Turbo AGP - 6xCW
Rage 128GL - 2xCW
Rage 128VR - 2xCW (8/32MB)
Rage 128Pro - 4xCW
Rage 128Pro Ultra - CW
Rage Fury MAXX - CW
Rage Mobility - CW
Rage Mobility-M
Rage Mobility-M1
Rage Mobility-C - CW
Rage Mobility-P - CW
Mobility Radeon M6
Radeon 7000 - 2xCW
Radeon 7200 - CW
Radeon 7500 - CW
Radeon 7500LE - CW
Mobility Radeon 7500
Radeon 8500
Radeon 8500LE - CW
Radeon 9000 - CW
Radeon 9000 PRO - CW
Radeon 9100 - CW
Radeon 9200 - CW
Radeon 9200SE - 2xCW 
Radeon 9250 - CW
Radeon 9500 - CW
Radeon 9500Pro - CW
Radeon 9550 - CW
Mobility Radeon 9600
Radeon 9600 LE - CW
Radeon 9600 - CW
Radeon 9600 PRO - CW
Radeon 9600 XT - CW
Radeon 9600 TX - CW
Radeon 9700 PRO - CW
FireGL X1 - CW
Radeon 9800 SE
Radeon 9800 Pro - Z (256MB)
Radeon 9800 XT - CW
Radeon X300 SE - CW
FireGL V3100 - CW
Radeon X600 XT - CW
Mobility Radeon X600 SE
Radeon X700 SE
Radeon X700 - CW
Radeon X800
Radeon X800 PRO
FireGL X3-256 - CW
Radeon X800 GTO
Radeon X1300 LE - 2xCW (128/256MB)
Radeon X1300 PRO - Z
Radeon X1600 PRO - CW
Radeon X1650
Radeon X1650 PRO
Radeon X1950 GT - CW
Radeon X1950 PRO
Radeon X1950 XT - CW
Mobility Radeon X2300 HD
Radeon HD 2400 PRO - CW (PCI)
Radeon HD 2400 XT - CW
Radeon HD 2900 PRO
Mobility Radeon HD 3470
Radeon HD 3650 - CW (AGP)
Radeon HD 3850 - CW (512MB)
Radeon HD 3870 - CW
Radeon HD 3870 X2 - Z
Mobility Radeon HD 4330
Radeon HD 4550
Mobility Radeon HD 4570
Radeon HD 4730
Radeon HD 4870
Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Mobility Radeon HD 5650
Radeon HD 5670 - Z
Radeon HD 5770 - CW
Radeon HD 6370M
Radeon HD 6650M
Radeon HD 6850
Fire GL2 - CW
Fire GL3 - CW
FireGL V7200 - CW

Avance Logic

ALG2101 - CW
ALG2228.A - CW
ALG2301.A - CW
ALG2301.B - 2xCW
ALG2302.A - CW

Cirrus Logic

CL-GD510/520 - 2xCW
CL-GD610/620 - CW
CL-GD5320 - CW
CL-GD5401 - CW
CL-GD5401 Acumos AVGA1- 320-00 - CW
CL-GD5401 Acumos AVGA1- 320-00 - no USA - CW
CL-GD5401 Acumos AVGA1- logo - 320-01 - CW
CL-GD5402 Acumos AVGA2 - 2xCW
CL-GD5420 - Korea CW , Malaysia, Taiwan
CL-GD5422 - CW
CL-GD5426 - CW
CL-GD5428(VLB) - Japan/Korea - 2xCW
CL-GD5428(ISA) - Malaysia - CW
CL-GD5429 - Malaysia - CW(VLB)
CL-GD5429 - Korea-B
CL-GD5429 - Japan
CL-GD5430 - Japan/Korea (VLB/PCI) - 2xCW
CL-GD54M30 - Korea - CW
CL-GD54M30 - USA
CL-GD54M30 - Japan
CL-GD5434 - Japan - CW
CL-GD5434 - Taiwan
CL-GD5434 - Korea
CL-GD5436 - CW
CL-GD5440 - Taiwan - CW
CL-GD5446, 5446BV - Taiwan - 2xCW
CL-GD5464 (Laguna) - CW
CL-GD5465 (Laguna) - CW


D10 - M


CM607P - 2xCW


QVision 128084
QVision 1280/P - CW
Powerstorm 300 AGP - CW


Everex ICC00203 (EV-659A) - CN


T2000 - CW


GC201-PC - CW
GC205 - CW


Gemini VC-001 - Japan - CW
Gemini VC-001 - LSI Logic GTI - WGermany - CW


GN006001-A - CW
GVGA - GN007001-B - CW


HT205 - CW


HD6845P - CN
HD6445P4 (EIZO MD-B05) - CW
HD63484P8 - C?


HM86314Q - CW


CRX (A4081-66009)
Visualize fx2 (A4552-66501)
Visualize fx4+ (A1278-60001) - C?
Visualize fx10 - CW


P82C434A+P82C431 - CW
P82C435 - CW
F82c450 - CW
F82c451B - CW
F82c451C - CW
F65550 - CW
B69000 - CW


Mpact 2 - CW


XGA-2 (02G1397) - C?
GXT4000P - C?


IMSGP2000 - CW

InteGraphics Systems

IGA 1680_A - CW


Kama SX094 - CW
i740 - 4xCW


Twin Turbo 128M/M2 - C?
TwinTurbo 128-3D - C?


MX86010FC - 2xCW


Magic/RGB - C?
Ultima - IS ATLAS R1- CW
Impression Plus -IS ATHENA R1 - CW
Impression Plus -IS ATHENA R2 - 2xCW
Mystique - CW
Mystique 220 - 2xCW
Millennium - IS STORM R2 - 2xCW
Millennium - 2064W-R2 - CW
Millennium - 2064W-R3 - CW
Millennium II - 2164WA - 3xCW
Millennium G100A-E - 2xCW
Millennium G200 - CW
Millennium G200A - 2xCW
G200 MMS - CW
Millennium G400 - CW
Millennium G450 - 2xCW
Millennium G550 - CW
Parhelia 128 - CW
Millennium P650 - CW


μPD65042GD - CW
SV9000 - USA - CW


MagicGraph 128XD
MagicMedia 256AV
MagicMedia 256ZX

NSI Logic

EVC-315S - M

Number Nine

Imagine 128 - CW
Revolution 3D PCI - CW
Revolution 4 AGP - CW


Riva 128 - Malta - 3xCW
Riva 128ZX - 3xCW
Riva TNT - 2xCW
Vanta LT - Taiwan - 2xCW
Riva TNT2 M64 Vanta - 2xCW
Riva TNT2 M64(AGP/PCI) - 3xCW
Riva TNT2 - CW
Riva TNT2 Ultra - 2xCW
Riva TNT2 Pro - 2xCW
GeForce 256 - CW
Quadro - 2xCW
GeForce DDR - CW
GeForce2 GTS - CW
GeForce2 Pro - CW
GeForce2 Ti VX - CW
GeForce2 Ti - CW
Quadro2 MXR/EX - CW
GeForce 2MX - 3xCW
GeForce 2MX200 - 2xCW
GeForce 2MX400 - 2xCW
GeForce 3 - CW
GeForce 3 Ti200 - 2xCW
GeForce 3 Ti500 - CW
GeForce4 MX420 - CW
GeForce4 MX440-SE - Z
GeForce4 MX440 - 2xCW
GeForce4 MX440-8x - CW
GeForce4 MX4000 - CW
GeForce 4 Titanium 4200 - CW
GeForce 4 Titanium 4200-8x - 2xCW
Quadro4 700 XGL - CW
GeForce 4 Titanium 4600 - CW
Quadro4 900 XGL - CW
GeForce 4 Titanium 4800SE - CW
Quadro4 980 XGL - CW
GeForce FX5100 - CW
GeForce FX5200 - 2xZ (128MB64/128bit) + 2xCW
GeForce FX5500
GeForce FX5600 - CW
GeForce FX5700 LE
GeForce FX5700 - CW
GeForce FX5700 Ultra
Quadro FX 1000 - CW
GeForce FX5900XT - CW
Quadro FX 1300 - CW
GeForce 6200LE
GeForce 6200TC
GeForce 6200A - 2xCW
Quadro NVS 285 - 2xCW
GeForce 6600 LE - Z
GeForce 6600 - Z 128MB PCIe 
GeForce 6600 GT - Z 128MB PCIe, 256MB PCIe
Quadro FX 540 - CW
Quadro FX 550
GeForce 6800 GT
Quadro FX 1400 - CW
Quadro FX 3400 - CW
GeForce 7100 GS - CW
GeForce 7300 LE - CW 
GeForce 7300 GS - CW
GeForce 7300 GT - 2xCW
GeForce Go 7300
GeForce Go 7400
GeForce 7500 LE - CW
GeForce 7600 GS
GeForce 7600 GT
GeForce Go 7600
GeForce 7900 GT - CW
RSX (Playstation 3)
Quadro FX 3500 - CW
GeForce 8300 GS - CW
GeForce 8400M G
GeForce 8400M GS
GeForce 8400 GS - Z
Quadro NVS 290 - CW
GeForce 8600M GS
Quadro FX 370 - CW
GeForce 8500 GT - Z
GeForce 8600 GT - Z
GeForce 8600M GT
GeForce 8600 GTS - Z
GeForce 8800GT - CW
GeForce 8800 GTS - CW
GeForce 8800 GTS 512
GeForce 9300M GS
Quadro FX 380 - CW
GeForce 9500 GT
GeForce 9600 GT - CW
GeForce 9600M GT
GeForce 9600 GT - CW
GeForce 9800 GT - CW
GeForce 9800 GTX - Z
Geforce G210 - CW
GeForce GTS 250
GeForce 315 - CW
Quadro 400 - CW
GeForce GT 520MX
GeForce GTX 580

Oak Technology

OTI037C - CW
OTI067 - CW
OTI064111 - CW


82C264 - CW


MCG2502 - CW


RTG3101 - REGA - CW
RTG3102 - CW
RTG31030 - CW
RTG3105 - CW
RTG3105E - CW
RTG3105i - CN
RTG3105iE - CN
RTG3105iEH - CW
RTG3106 - CW


Verite 2100 - Japan - CW
Verite 2200 - 2xCW


86C911 - CW
P86C928 - CW(VLB)
P86C801 - Korea - CW
P86C805 - Japan - CW(VLB)
86C805-P - Japan
86C805-P - Korea - CW
86C805-Q - Japan
Vision 864 (86C864-P) - Taiwan - 2xCW
Vision 868 (86C868-P) - Hong Kong - CW
Vision 964 (86C964-P) - Korea - CW
Vision 968 (86C968-P) - France - 2xCW
Vision 968 (86C968-P) - Korea - CW
Virge (86C325) - Taiwan - 2xCW
Virge/VX (86C988) - Korea - CW
Virge/DX (86C375) - Taiwan - 3xCW
Virge/DX (86C375) - Korea
Virge/GX (86C385) - Taiwan - CW
Virge/GX2+ (86C357) - Philippines - 2xCW
Trio32 (86C732-P) - Korea, Taiwan - 2xCW
Trio32 (86C732-P) - Taiwan - CW
Trio64 (86C764-P) - Taiwan - CW
Trio64 (86C764-P) - Korea
Trio64 (86C764X) - Korea - CW
Trio64 (86C764X) - Taiwan - CW
Trio64V+ (86C765) - Hong Kong
Trio64V+ (86C765) - Korea - CW
Trio64V+ (86C765) - Taiwan - 3xCW
Trio64UV+ (86C767) - Taiwan - CW
Trio64V2/DX (86C775) - Taiwan - 2xCW
Trio64V2/GX (86C785) - Taiwan
Trio3D (86C365) - Taiwan - CW
Trio3D/2X (86C368) - Taiwan - 2xCW
Savage 3D (86C391, 86C390) - 2xCW
Savage4 LT - CW
Savage4 GT (86C395) - CW
Savage4 Pro - 3xCW
Savage 2000 - CW
Savage/MX (86C290) - Philippines
Savage/IX - CW
DeltaChrome S8 - CW


Falcon 64 - CW

Sigma Designs

53C101+53C280A - CN
REALmagic 64/GX - CW


86C12 - CW
6202 - CW
6215 - CW
6326AGP - 4xCW
6326DVD - CW
305 - CW
315E - 2xCW
Xabre 200 - CW
Xabre 400 - CW

STMicroelectronics / VideoLogic

PCX2 (Matrox M3D - CW
Kyro 2 - CW


TD3010 - M
TD3088A - Japan - 2xCW


Zymos Poach 51 AA - remarked TVGA8800CS - Japan - CW
TVGA8800CS - Japan - CW
TVGA8900B - CW
Toshiba TC110G38ES - CW
TVGA8900C - CW
TVGA8900D - CW
TVGA9000A - 2xCW
TVGA9000B - 2xCW
TVGA9000C - 2xCW
TVGA9000 i - CW
TVGA9000 i - 1 - CW
TVGA9000 i - 2 - CW
TVGA9000 i - 3 - CW
TGUI9400CXi - CW (VLB)
TGUI9420DGi - CW (VLB)
TGUI9440AGi - CW
TGUI9440 - CW(VLB)
TGUI9440-1 - CW
TGUI9680- 1 - CW
Cyber 9320-216T
3DImage 9750 - 2xCW
9880 - Blade 3D - 2xCW

Tseng Labs

ET3000AX br /REALmagic 64/GX - CW
ET4000AX - CW
ET4000/W32i - CW
E/strongT4000/W32P - CW
ET6000 - CW


C3 - CN


UM6845R - CN
UM85C408AF - 2xCW


L1A4199 - CW


W5186 - CW
Power 9000 - 3xCW(2xVLB+1xPCI)
Power 9100 - CW

Western Digital - Paradise

PC Chips G3101 (PEGA) - 2xCW
PVGA1A - JK - 2xCW
WD90C90-JK - CW
WD90C00-JK - CW
WD90C00-JK - logo
WD90C11-LR - CW
WD90C30-LR - CW
WD90C31A-LR - CW
WD90C33-ZZ - CW
WD9710-MZ - CW


W86855AF - CW


Volari V8 - CW
Volari Z7 - CW

Professional Cards

Accel Eclipse (AGP/PCI) - 2xCW
Appian Graphics Jeronimo Pro - CW
Appian Graphics Jeronimo Pro 4-Port - CW
Cornerstone ImageAccel 2 - CN
Datapath Horizon 2S - CW
Datapath TWINfinity Quad - 2xCW
Diamond Fire GL 3000 - CW
Diamond Fire GL1 - CW
ELSA GLoria-4 - CW
ELSA GLoria-L/MX 816 - CW
Evans & Sutherland AccelGALAXY - CW
Evans & Sutherland Lightning 1200 - CW
Fuji DVI01
Marquette 403777-002
RasterOps 24MxTV
RealVision VREngine/SMD5-PCI - CW
SPEA Graphiti HiLite 1024 (P41/R12) - 2x
Sun Creator (501-4127-003588) - C?
Sun Elite3D m3 - C?
Tatung 5025-1FV - C?
TrueVision Targa - C?


AMD 690G
ATI Radeon IGP 345M
ATI Radeon Xpress 200 (RS482)
ATI Radeon Xpress 200M (RC415ME)
Intel 810
Intel 815
Intel 845GV
Intel 845GE
Intel 852GM
Intel 865G
Intel 945G
Intel 945GC
Intel 945GZ
Intel G31
Intel GL40
Intel G41
NVIDIA nForce 220 (IGP-64)
NVIDIA nForce 2
NVIDIA nForce 6100
NVIDIA nForce 630A (7050)
NVIDIA nForce 610i (7050)
NVIDIA nForce 610M (7000M)
SiS 530
SiS 630S
SiS 651
SiS 661FX
SiS 661GX
SiS 741GX
VIA VT8601
VIA VT8361
VIA K8M800
VIA P4M800
VIA P4M800 Pro

Published in Trade
Tuesday, 06 January 2015 00:02

Matrox PG-1281CV/8

High resolution (1280x1024) PC card.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 00:00

S3 Aurora64V+

1st S3 mobile chip based on Trio64V+.

Published in S3 Graphics

Lowcost Parhelia with reduced memory bus and number of pipelines.

Published in Matrox
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