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SPEA Graphiti FGA 1/HE

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TIGA accelerator with added VGA core.


2MB VRAM + 1MB DRAM. Card have added Headland HT208 with its own memory (1MB) for VGA compatibility. Card model name is P30/R1.5.

Palcal's card:

(661) SPEA FGA 1/HE rev.14A03
(661) SPEA FGA 1/HE rev.14A03
(661) SPEA FGA 1/HE rev.14A03
(661) SPEA FGA 1/HE rev.14A03
(661) SPEA FGA 1/HE rev.14A03
(661) SPEA FGA 1/HE rev.14A03

Additional Info

  • Made by: Texas Instruments
  • Codename: TMS34020
  • Bus: ISA 16bit
  • Memory Size: 3MB
  • Max Memory Size: 3MB
  • Memory Type: DRAM, VRAM
  • Card Type: TIGA
  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • Made in: Japan
  • Owned by: Palcal
  • Outputs: 9 pin D‐sub, 15 pin D‐sub
  • Core Clock (MHz): 32
  • Core: 32bit
  • Memory Bus Width: 16bit, 32bit
  • Memory Bandwidth (MB/s): 40
  • Sold by: Spea
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# RE: SPEA Graphiti FGA 1/HEgonzalo fernandez 2016-11-27 20:23
He wants more than 200 EUR, I´m sorry, no way
# SPEA Graphiti FGA 1/HEpat 2015-11-01 19:37
Hello all,
would anyone know if this card has any value,
if there is any interest let me know before i scrap it.

Pat (belgium)
+1 # RE: SPEA Graphiti FGA 1/HEVlask 2015-11-03 10:47
All similar cards have some value. Sadly only for few collectors. These cards were very expensive (over 1000$), so not much of them were sold. But they are unusable even for retro builds, because this was pure CAD card (never seen anyone wanting to build retro CAD computer). So its rare, but only few people would be interested in it. In worst case sell it on ebay. Do not scrap this one. From onsite collectors maybe Pirx from Germany could be interested in this card - hes collecting ISA/VL-Bus cards and like cards from german companies like miro and Spea. Palcal already have it, im interested only in cheap cards (price+postage cost would be too high for me) and i guess that Zaatharen is more interested in less old 3D cards.
# RE: SPEA Graphiti FGA 1/HEgonzalo fernandez 2016-11-14 20:22

I would buy it (I´m from Barcelona, SPAIN)

# RE: SPEA Graphiti FGA 1/HEpat 2016-11-20 17:50
Hello Gonzalo,
Let me know what you want to give for it

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